What is reality?

Now here’s something some of you may not agree with me, nevertheless let us start with something simple, like… the first definition for reality according to the Webster dictionary:

The quality or state of being real.

Well, maybe the Oxford dictionary can provide us with a different approach:

The state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

It does sound a bit better, but how can we say if we know how anything actually exists? If we look any further among definitions we start to get into some sort of vicious circle, as the definition of “exist” goes as:

Have objective REALITY or being.

The previous definition basically states that to exist, you must have reality (or being) without being influenced by personal feelings or opinions. Sooo technically we’re told that reality is the state of having reality regardless of what we think or feel about it… and here I thought all these years that using the same word you’re trying to define in its own definition was wrong.

Clearly the answer to the question, “what is reality?” will not be found in books (or dictionaries for that matter). Then how are we supposed to know what to consider as reality or not?

Some people like to think that there’s more than one reality, this would obviously go against the definition of reality itself, but that isn’t important as we see the definition goes nowhere anyway. But I digress, if there’s more than one reality, then reality itself holds no meaning or rather isn’t real. It is but a mere perception of what we hope or hold as fact due to experiences (whether they may be personal or scientific) to cope with our surroundings.

Then what the hell is perception?

The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

Fair enough, but then reality becomes fragile, very fragile indeed. Any junkie could tell you that in reality the sky is green and that zebras know how to talk (and may actually give you advice), and you know what? They would not be wrong, but the reality they experience will still not be the same reality you experience (I hope… maybe). And that’s more than a valid reason (for me) to dislike thinking there is more than one reality, if something is real, it should not be subject to change regarding our perception of it, so if you’re one of those who think there are multiple realities… well… yeah.

“The f&%$ Zulu, then what is reality?”

Not so fast Kemosabe, before proceeding I should state that what I wish reality to be may not be what reality is, that being said…

Reality, as far as my opinion goes, is the system of which we’re a part of but we ultimately fail to grasp, governed by laws we cannot comprehend.

Not too informative, huh? But why do I say this?

We now live in a world that has developed greatly in the past few years thanks to all the technological discoveries “we” as a species have developed, now we “know” that there are things called Quantum Particles that may or may not be linked with each other despite being separated by thousands (if not more) of miles from one another and they can even teleport! According to some scientists at least. We believe there’s this thing called Dark Energy all over the universe, we have done research and countless articles have already been published regarding it and yet, we fail to get conclusive evidence of its existence. Hell, even if we had conclusive evidence regarding anything we would still be struggling trying to understand what it means, how it affects us or how it is even possible, as some flat earth believers may (or not) understand…

Before Galileo, our planet was considered as the center of the universe and the sun was believed to have an orbit around Earth (however if the universe is infinite we can still pretend the earth is the center of it), and then everything changed when the fire nati… when it was found out that it was actually the Earth which moved around the sun. Our lack of understanding, sometimes even regarding what we want to have for dinner is astonishing!

It is stubborn of us to give reality a “real” definition because we don’t even know if reality is something that can be defined to begin with. The closest I can think of is that reality is some sort of system, but what kind of system? That remains to be seen… or not.

I may be wrong though, very wrong…