Lullaby. Chap II, pt 1

II. Shadows, pt 1

After a few hours had passed the rain finally stopped, my knee seems to feel better as well after that hit I took. However I think it best to wait one more hour before continuing, to give time to the earth to absorb the acids which fell with the rain. This is how it always is, I wish I didn’t have to be this cautious all the time, to get the chance to be a bit negligent.

I get up from my seat and approach slowly to the bar’s entrance, my backpack still where I left it before, and I lean on the wall to get the chance of admiring the scenery for a while. The park seems to have been filled up with fog, which only makes it look even scarier than what it already was. It is almost as if it wasn’t fog at all, it’s so dense it looks more like ground-level clouds moving from side to side between the dry stumps, creating shadowy figures among themselves, it kind of reminds me of one of those scary movies my father loved to watch.

A bit further away, westwards over the same street, I barely see what resembles to be a convenience store at the corner. Should I be lucky enough, maybe there I’d be able to find something useful inside that place, I could really use something different to eat. I wish I could find some more supplies before I run out of everything, I will continue my way south once I finish inspecting that place thoroughly. If I move fast enough, tonight I will be far from the park area.

My watch shows me that I still need to wait at least fifty minutes before going back outside, however, after finding out about that convenience store at the corner, I’m having trouble being patient enough to actually wait until the time is right. Patience has never been one of my virtues.

In times like these is when I miss rose the most, she would always have some interesting story or two to tell in this kind of moments when we were forced to wait. She would sit somewhere a bit separated from me, I would probably be looking at something else, and she would start telling me about many things which either happened to her at some point of her life or maybe about someone else. I felt stronger besides her, I really feel bad about her getting sick. It would be nice finding someone else out there, yet the idea of having to look after someone else again is not something of which I feel too enthusiastic about. After all, I have enough trouble already trying to take care of myself as it is.

Right now I have no other choice regardless, I must wait. To kill some time I guess it would be best to distract myself somehow, perhaps singing a little whatever songs I still remember.

“… The passing of time
And all of its crimes
Is making me sad again
The passing of time
And all of its sickening crimes
Is making me sad again
But don’t forget the songs
That made you cry
And the songs that saved your lives
Yes, you’re older now
And you’re a clever swine
But they were the only ones who ever stood by you…”

I stop singing, I guess I feel a bit nostalgic now and I don’t want to cry here. I’d better wait in silence until the time is right to go out.

I looked at my watch and I still have to wait fifteen more minutes, but I can’t stand being in this place any longer. I think it’s safe enough for me to put on my backpack and press on, not forgetting that I should by all means stop to investigate that convenience store.

I begin walking through the deteriorated street once again, I try to move as fast I possibly can, the sooner I get farther away from this park the better. I move swiftly through the abandoned cars now that I’m rested, being tempted from time to time to check if any of them is still working, but not dumb enough to allow an engine sound to attract the attention of every animal to my position.

As I go forward I start noticing in my surroundings that more and more corpses begin to appear all over. Many of these look recent, yet I cannot stop moving just because of that little detail, if they truly are recent, then it must mean that I really cannot allow myself to stay in this area much longer unless I’d wish to join them. I cannot and wish not to even imagine what sorts of dangers there might be here in this place.

Now, this looks convenient, it seems the dead have had kindness left in them today after all, first a pretty silver watch and now this. I get the sight of another corpse near the wall of that convenience store, its position regarding the sidewalk is a bit strange, maybe he died because he crashed against that wall, that much I can figure assuming that over there was his motorcycle, all smashed up. A few steps away from him though, that must’ve been his helmet!