Lullaby. Chap I, pt 2

I. Remains, pt 2

I look around, trying to figure out exactly what I should do next, I guess I’ll take the road to my left, it seems that one is less damaged and should be easier for me to walk as I look my way around the park.

Well now, it has certainly been a while since I last saw a corpse lying about, on this street however there seem to be enough though, to my dislike I can clearly see how these figures, still rotting, pile up one over another at what appears to have been a police blocking on the eastern side. Perhaps it would be better if I change my mind and walk the path that was on my right, yes, it will more than likely be better. Better walk the other side, I don’t want to interrupt the meal of undesired animal and least getting its attention. This might be a long walk around the park, it won’t be that easy moving about on this side of the street, should any wolf decide to appear, I’d be most certainly dead. Although I believe every wolf in the city has plenty enough food on the eastern side of the street.

I advance slowly, I feel my feet heavier every step I take, always searching for the best way to stand on the ground. As I walk I try to keep the park in sight, just in case something should appear and I’d be forced to run or defend myself. The park, however, is not the only thing that concerns me right now. Last night it was silent and calm, but now a chilly breeze begins to run through the place, I fear it might mean there’s rain coming, and I can’t possibly consider risking myself under acid rain since it could ruin my coat and leave me exposed to the low temperatures. Stay calm, focused, alert, stop worrying for something you can’t know for sure yet.

I took a wrong step on the broken ground and ended up falling, the hit to my knee was so painful that I couldn’t restrain myself from letting a small tear escape my eye and barely managed to shut a silent scream up. At least it seems that I didn’t drop any of the things I carry with me, but the pain doesn’t allow me to stand up right away.

Still on the ground I survey my surroundings, the lifeless body of an older man lays rotting less than a meter away from me, his eyes were thrust with his glasses shards and had coagulated blood all over them. The smell coming from that corpse was unbearable, but as much as I tried not to, I couldn’t look away from him.

I can see that on his left hand he has a still functional silver watch, still with all its hands in place and obviously better than the one I have. I take a huge breath and hold it as I get closer to the corpse’s hand, slowly getting closer and closer until I reach the watch.

I really feel bad about myself, I would never have pictured myself stealing from the dead before all this mess happened, but that watch is still useful. I turn around and back away a little as I lay on the ground with my face towards the sky, and I clean the silver watch the best I can with the edge of my coat. Just in case I should ever need it again in the future, I put my old watch in my backpack and then put on the one I just stole from that man. Just remembering how close I had to be of that corpse to get the watch, even if it was a moment ago, fills me with a disgusting feeling that makes me want to vomit, but his watch is certainly better off with me than with him.

After recovering a bit of strength and slowly stand up again to continue my way. Bad luck followed, I hear a roar in the sky, a thunder, it won’t be long before the first drops of water begin falling. I’d better hurry myself in finding a place to take shelter. Still unluckily for me, none of the nearby buildings look safe enough to use as a shelter, but staying outside under the rain is simply a luxury I cannot afford right now. And so I entered the first building I saw to my right.

A bar, how appropriate! I wonder if there’s anything useful left at all here. I expected to find at least two or three corpses lying about, but to my surprise the place was relatively clean. The shelves are empty and there’s a broken table, perhaps a past fight over stupid stuff men fight about. Funny, the cash register still has money inside, not that it is of any use at this point.

I survey carefully what’s left of the place behind the counter, several broken glasses and bottles, even a couple of dead rats on the floor. But it seems not all hope is gone, there in front of me lies a gun, what seems to be an extra clip and a lighter. Today is my lucky day even though the extra clip holds no bullets at all, but I will keep it anyways.

As a kid checking a new toy for the first time I start to inspect carefully the gun, I have never before held one in my hands, I wonder if that means such artifact may put me in risk. Don’t know how, but apparently I did something that made the clip come out, after counting the bullets I realize there’s not much, only four shots left. So I take aim without the clip at one of the shelves and press the trigger. The force with which the gun threw my hand back almost made me hit my face, there was another bullet inside the gun, the safety was off and now I’ve wasted one of the few bullets I had, I feel stupid.

I put the safety switch, or what I think was the safety switch and store it separated from the clips inside my backpack. I check if the lighter works and it does, I then decided to keep it on my right pocket, to keep it at hand should I need it. This lighter could come in quite handy in the future, however I have to face the fact that I cannot use it irresponsibly, I must keep in mind that it won’t last forever, just a temporary luxury.